FOLDIO Photo Box

Product photography is about more than giving customers a visual of what your products look like. These images also provide a means of bringing your products to life before your customers’ eyes and immersing shoppers into the online buying experience while communicating your brand image. You can make a positive and lasting impression on consumers by investing in innovative photography solutions that make your products stand out.

At ORANGEMONKIE, INC, we were the first to create folding photo boxes designed to help users take professional-grade product photos anytime, anywhere. Our Foldio portable studios serve as the ideal backdrop for practically any product, using adjustable lighting solutions, high-quality backgrounds and innovative design elements to help you capture images that appear sleek, polished and professional. With a Foldio foldable studio in your arsenal, you’ll experience easy and efficient product photography like never before.

Our Foldio Portable Studios

We understand that not everyone has the training, space or professional equipment to produce high-quality product photos — that’s why we created photo solutions designed for everyone. Whether you’re a small business owner, an e-commerce seller or a blogger, you can use our revolutionary foldable studios to capture striking photos that make your products pop

We’ve developed three Foldio foldable studios you can choose from based on your budget and application needs.


Our debut Foldio1 photo box is a 10-inch foldable studio comprising a magnetic design that allows for easy setup and disassembly. This portable structure comes equipped with a high-capacity dual lighting system featuring LED light strips built to promote higher quality pictures. It comes with four replaceable backdrops in white, black, gray and green that you can use to make your products stand out. Ideally suited for the novice photographer, the Foldio1 is also compatible with smartphone technologies.

Foldio2 Plus

After the successful release of the Foldio1, we decided we could do even better, resulting in the creation of the Foldio2 Plus. We designed this Foldio portable studio to offer more photography space than its predecessor, developing a 15-inch studio body. Customers loved the Foldio1’s dual lighting system — that’s why we gave the Foldio2 Plus a triple LED design to provide all-around lighting. This upgraded feature ensures maximum lighting capacity with minimal shadow interference.

Like the Foldio1, the Foldio2 Plus also features a magnetic structure for easy assembly and backdrop installation. However, this foldable lightbox includes a detachable top cover, allowing users to photograph from above with flat-lay shooting. It’s also compatible with our Foldio2 Plus front cover for even better lighting control.


The Foldio3 portable lightbox is our biggest and best foldable studio yet. The Foldio3’s enhanced 25-by-25 inch size makes it ideal for photographing larger products, giving you even more space to experiment and create. Though this model is bigger than our other Foldio studios, it is even more compact, uniquely designed to condense down to 40% of its original size.

When comparing the Foldio2 vs. the Foldio3, both models are similar but have a few primary differences. For example, the Foldio3 doesn’t have a detachable top cover — however, it compensates with an upgraded structure that’s 10-inches larger than the Foldio2 Plus. It also incorporates an improved backdrop setup that users can attach and roll for easier installation. The black backdrop included with the Foldio3 Plus also has non-reflective properties for greater photo enhancement.

Foldio360 Smart Dome

Our innovative Foldio360 Smart Dome acts as the ideal solution for photographing jewelry and other reflective pieces that are challenging to capture on camera. This dual-shell, dome-shaped photo studio eliminates shadows and glare by efficiently diffusing light, enabling users to create beautiful 360-degree product photos of even the shiniest trinkets.

The ORANGEMONKIE smart dome differs from our Foldio lightboxes with its spherical structure, built-in rotating turntable and sliding door cover for optimal light preservation and adjustment. This streamlined photography solution also features an integrated necklace hanger to facilitate a simple and stunning jewelry display.

Benefits of Foldio Foldable Studios

When you purchase a Foldio portable studio from ORANGEMONKIE, INC, you’ll enjoy all the benefits of our simple and sophisticated lightboxes, including:

  • Reducing costs: ORANGEMONKIE, INC foldable studios minimize costs by eliminating the need to spend thousands on professional photoshoots or expensive photography equipment.
  • Saving time: Because Foldio photo boxes are straightforward and easy to use, learning to operate them requires little time or effort, unlike other high-tech photography equipment that requires extensive training and practice to figure out.
  • Boosting business: When you use Foldio photo studios to capture high-quality product images for your website or online store, you can build credibility for your company, increase traffic to your website and boost conversions, bringing in more revenue.

Why Choose ORANGEMONKIE, INC for Folding Photo Boxes?

At ORANGEMONKIE, INC, we’re committed to providing customers with advanced photography products that anyone can use. All of our Foldio studios come with a one-year limited warranty to ensure products perform according to customer expectations. If your Foldio lightbox exhibits defects within a year of purchase, we’ll replace it with a new or remanufactured model. Exchanges within 30 days of purchase come with free shipping. You can learn more about our one-year warranty and accepted replacement conditions on our website.

In addition to being the first company to create the foldable photo studio, complete with a one-year warranty, we also offer all of the following perks.

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You can make your online product selection stand out from the competition with Foldio portable photo studios by ORANGEMONKIE, INC. Our team of innovators is dedicated to creating next-generation photography solutions that revolutionize the way the world does product photography.

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