Ruby Lane Product Photography

If you sell antiques, collectibles and other vintage goods on Ruby Lane, you understand that your customers don’t have the benefit of viewing items in person. That’s why it’s essential to make your merchandise stand out using eye-catching product images. When your product photos reflect the quality of your items, you’ll be more likely to attract customers and increase revenue.

You can bring your merchandise to life by using ORANGEMONKIE, INC photo studios and accessories for your Ruby Lane product photography. We created the very first foldable photo studio on the market, setting the bar for quality and innovation.

How to Make Your Ruby Lane Product Photography Stand Out

There are numerous steps you can follow to take professional Ruby Lane product photos that draw in customers.

Eliminate Distractions With a Clean and Simple Background

Ruby Lane puts each primary product image through advanced image processing to remove the background and replace it with a uniform white backdrop. However, the company suggests that you use a solid, neutral backdrop for all additional product photos to eliminate visual distractions and focus the shopper’s attention on the item you’re selling. Many sellers use a white backdrop because they provide a clean and professional look.

Each ORANGEMONKIE, INC photo studio, including the Foldio3Foldio2 Plus and Foldio1, comes with a crisp white and sleek black backdrop that adds instant visual appeal to any product photo. If you purchase the Foldio1, you’ll also get additional gray and green backdrops.

Improve Visual Appeal With Effective Lighting

Your lighting can directly influence how customers perceive your products. Good lighting can add depth, texture, sharpness and contrast to your images, bringing out an item’s best features, while poor lighting can make merchandise look shoddy and unreliable.

Every Foldio lightbox has a dual or triple lighting system with built-in LED light strips that minimize shadows and maximize lighting capabilities. You can also use our magnetic Halo bars for your Ruby Lane product photography. Halo bars are dimmable light bars you can affix to the sides or bottom of your photo studio and adjust using a handled controller for greater exposure.

The Foldio2 Plus has additional accessory options for lighting control, including the Foldio2 Extra LED kit with more light strips for optimal brightness. We also carry the Foldio2 Plus Front cover, which minimizes light loss.

Represent Your Products Accurately With Angle Variety

Shoppers feel most confident purchasing online items when photos are detailed and comprehensive, leaving them with no questions about the product. You can incorporate numerous angles into your product images to show your items from all dimensions to give customers the most accurate visual.

Our Foldio360 turntable and Foldio360 Smart Dome allow you to capture 360-degree photos and videos, depicting your merchandise from every possible angle while giving shoppers a more immersive buying experience. You can use the Foldio360 app to control rotation speed, exposure and frame number to generate the most effective images.

If you have the Foldio2 Plus, you can further diversify your photos by removing the top cover and shooting from above for sophisticated flat-lay images.

Take Eye-Catching Ruby Lane Product Photos With Photography Solutions From ORANGEMONKIE, INC

You can optimize your Ruby Lane product photography with devices from ORANGEMONKIE, INC. We’re committed to creating innovative photo solutions built for everyone.

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