Magento Product Photography

When using software like Magento, one of the most popular e-commerce platforms in the industry, it’s essential to showcase your products in a way that makes shoppers want to complete their transactions. With strategic Magento product photography, you can boost conversions and increase revenue for your e-commerce site.

ORANGEMONKIE, INC has numerous innovative photography solutions that will make your merchandise stand out.

How to Produce Effective Magento Product Photography

You can optimize your website with professional-grade product images when you follow these Magento photography tips.

Implement Neutral Backgrounds to Focus Attention on Your Products

The best way to display your merchandise is to use neutral-colored backdrops to ensure customers focus on your product without getting distracted by busy backgrounds. Many companies prefer white backdrops for their product images because they offer a clean and professional look, drawing the customer’s full attention to the featured item.

The Foldio1, Foldio2 Plus and Foldio3 portable photo studios come with glossy white and sleek black backdrops, which you can use to perfectly complement your products. The Foldio1 also comes with two additional backdrops — one green and one gray. These components are easily attachable with plastic tabs or magnetic strips.

Emphasize Product Quality With Excellent Lighting

The lighting you use for your Magento product photography directly impacts the way shoppers view your products. Effective lighting showcases merchandise in a way that emphasizes all of its most appealing features, using elements like texture, contrast, sharpness and depth to create an eye-catching, high-quality look.

Our Foldio lightboxes come equipped with advanced lighting systems featuring dual or triple LED light strips, depending on the model you select. This LED lighting design maximizes lighting capability while minimizing shadows to generate the best illumination. We also carry the Halo bar lighting accessory featuring two state-of-the-art light bars, complete with a lighting adjustment controller, that you can attach to the bottom or sides of your Foldio studio.

If you have the Foldio2 Plus, you can enhance your lighting further with the Foldio2 Plus Front Cover for greater lighting control or the Foldio2 Extra LED Kit, featuring additional light strips to increase overall brightness.

The brand new Foldio360 Smart Dome tabletop studio provides perfect lighting for all kinds of products, especially jewelry, to make your product photos very eye-catching to an e-commerce shopper.

Give the Full Picture Using Multiple Angles

Because e-commerce customers can’t physically pick up and examine your products, it’s essential to capture multiple points to give them a more comprehensive depiction of what they’re viewing. You can also incorporate 360-degree spin product photography using Magento, allowing you to present your merchandise from every angle.

With the Foldio360 smart turntable, you can take 360-degree product photos and videos to give your shoppers the most interactive online buying experience possible. This device is compatible with the Foldio360 app, allowing you to make real-time adjustments to rotation speed, lighting exposure and frame number to cultivate the perfect images.

You can further vary your Magento product photography by taking flat-lay photos using the Foldio2 Plus, which comes with an exclusive built-in detachable top cover.

Optimize Your Magento Product Photos Using Portable Studios and Accessories From ORANGEMONKIE, INC

You can take your Magento product images to the next level with ORANGEMONKIE, INC photography solutions and accessories. We’re the first company to design folding photo studios, and we’re committed to creating products that work for anyone — even the most novice photographer can take remarkable product photos for their site.

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