eCrater Product Photography

eCrater gives sellers the power to build their own online stores within minutes — however, no marketplace is complete without high-quality product images. Your product photos are among the first things customers notice when they visit your website, and they can make quick judgments based on those images. That’s why it’s vital to focus on your eCrater product photography to make your items stand out for all the right reasons.

At ORANGEMONKIE, INC, we’ve developed a revolutionary photography solution designed for everyone and anyone. As the originators of the foldable photo studio, we’re always providing our customers with next-level innovation.

Creating Effective Bonanza Product Photography

There are many nuances to product photography that you should focus on to generate the best images for your eCrater site.

Use a Simple Background to Eliminate Distractions

The background you use for your product images can make a huge difference in customer perception. Though eCrater doesn’t have any specific photo requirements, it’s a good rule of thumb to use simple, neutral backdrops that don’t distract from the product. Instead, you want your background to highlight the product. White backdrops are particularly effective in projecting a professional and clean image for your merchandise and brand.

The Foldio3Foldio2 Plus and Foldio1 portable photo studios all come with two sleek and easily attachable black and white backdrops that allow you to boost the visual appeal of your product listings. Our original Foldio1 lightbox comes with green and gray backdrops as well for additional background options.

Highlight Your Product’s Features With Effective Lighting Elements

The right lighting goes a long way when it comes to emphasizing product quality. Good lighting can make merchandise look expensive and dependable just as easily as poor lighting can give items a low-quality look. 

Our foldable studios each come with a built-in dual or triple lighting system that uses high-quality LED light strips to maximize brightness capacity while subduing shadows. We also designed the double Halo bar lighting accessory that magnetically attaches to your Foldio lightbox, allowing you to adjust exposure using a handheld dimming controller.

The Foldio2 Plus photo studio is also compatible with two additional lighting accessories — the Foldio2 Extra LED kit with extra light strips and the Foldio2 Plus Front cover for minimal light loss.

Implement Angles for More Accurate Product Representation

eCrater lets sellers post up to 10 product photos per listing. This option gives you a great opportunity to show consumers your merchandise from multiple angles and give them comprehensive, true-to-life representations of each item. Multidimensional product photos like 360-degree images are ideal for providing customers with immersive online shopping experiences.

With the Foldio360 smart turntable and the Foldio360 Smart Dome, you can capture captivating 360-degree product videos and photos that show your products from every angle. These devices also have a corresponding Foldio360 application, where you can use your mobile device to change rotation speed, frame number and lighting exposure.

The Foldio2 Plus studio features a removable top cover that also allows users to take flat-lay photos from above.

Use ORANGEMONKIE, INC Solutions to Optimize Your eCrater Product Photography Today

Elevate your eCrater product photography using Foldio studios and accessories from ORANGEMONKIE, INC. We provide customers with an easy and affordable solution to achieve high-quality product images.

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