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Create 360 Visuals Within Seconds

Show customers exactly what they are going to buy before they purchase.
Allow customers to interact with products before they purchase it.
When it comes to online advertising, 360° photography is the best way to get customers to notice your products.

Easily Create Interactive Quality For Your Customers

No need to learn HTML, and use iFrames.

Customize your interactive visual

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Full Screen Mode
→ Enable full screen on viewer
Spin Speed
→ Set the rotation speed of the 360 image
Spin on Mouseover
→ Rotate with mouse movement only (No dragging necessary)
Mouse Wheel Spin
→ Rotation can be controlled with mouse wheel
Reverse Spin
→ The image is rotated in a direction opposite to the normal rotation direction
Autospin Load
→ Automatically rotates once upon initial loading
Momentum Spinning
→ After rotating, image rotates for a certain time by momentum and then slowly stops
Untitled Document
Image Loading
→ Set when the 360 image will be loaded
Thumbnail Location
→ Choose the location of 360 thumbnail on the product image list
→ Enable zoom function and control magnification amount
Rotate Icon
→ Choose rotation image icon shown before hovering over the product image
Thumbnail Crop
→ Set crop method of thumbnail image on product viewer frame
→ Insert a watermark on the 360 image and set the function

Simply just import images created with your 360 product photograhy equipment

Whether you’ve chosen to take your 360 photos with our ORANGEMONKIE products or not, you can simply just upload the images onto our plugin to create an interactive 360 visual for your website.

How to Add 360 Images to Your Product Page

After installing the app, go to Products and click Add Products
Put product details and save as Draft
Go to Apps and click Foldio360
Find the product that you just added and click +Create 360 Image
Click Upload Images (Upload ANY number of frames, recommend 800px to 1200px wide). Click Save
Go back to Products and make page Active
After installing the plugin, go to Products and click Add New
Scroll down to Foldio 360 section and click Select Files then Upload Files
Drag the folder with your 360 photos that you took with our Foldio Product. Upload the folder as a Bundle
**Frames must be numbered in order (ex: bag-001.jpg, bag-002.jpg…etc) to upload as a Bundle. Recommend 800px to 1200px wide.
Click Drop Images
Make product page Public to see 360 product photos

Product Photography Plugin

Using the best technology and innovations can help you stay ahead of your competition in online sales. More importantly, advanced photography technology can attract your audience’s attention. There’s no better way to have your customers notice your products than 360-degree photography when it comes to internet advertising.

With a rotating platform like our Foldio360 Smart Turntable, you can make 360-degree photography even easier. A camera typically shoots the item 24, 36 or 48 times at specified angles as the product rotates. Computer software then combines the photos to create a smooth, panoramic three-dimensional view.

These 360-degree photos allow the viewer to interact with the image and explore the entire environment around the camera that captured it.

At ORANGEMONKIE, INC, we’re proud to announce the launch of the Foldio360 image plugin. This easy-to-install program will let you create 360-degree interactive images on your website, producing high-quality content that can elevate your business’s imaging to a professional level without the need for HTML coding.

360-Degree Image Plugin for Shopify and Woocommerce

Our Foldio360 image plugin can create visuals in a matter of seconds. In traditional methods involving 360-degree photography, users needed to input complex coding and formatting to produce rotating images. However, Foldio360 does not require any HTML codes, allowing photographers of any level to use the plugin with minimal effort.

Foldio360 is fully compatible with most website platforms and apps, including the popular Shopify and WooCommerce on WordPress. The Foldio360 gives you several advantages over traditional two-dimensional photography, including:

  • Potential to increase sales: 360-degree photography gives you more enticing product photos, enticing more customers.
  • Customized settings: Foldio360’s customized settings allow you to customize your visual by controlling factors such as rotation speed, image loading, momentum spinning and thumbnail location.
  • A unique perspective: Foldio360 lets you present your product from multiple angles and directions, providing your customers with views normally not visible.
  • Interactive quality: The ability for your customers to interact with a product before they decide to purchase it gives your audience a more thorough understanding of the item.
  • Easy installation: You can install our Foldio360 plugin on your website platform in minutes.
  • Increased return on investment: 360-degree content is the next generation of consumer media. 360-degree images have already shown a higher return on investment than most click-on ads.

How to Upload 360-Degree Photos to Your WooCommerce Page

Importing product images from Foldio360 is quick and easy. Follow these steps to add 360-degree product images to your WooCommerce product page with our Foldio360 plugin:

  1. After downloading the plugin, go to your Products section and click Add New.
  2. Click the My 360 icon, then click Select Files, then Upload Files.
  3. Drag the folder with your 360-degree photos with our Foldio product.
  4. Upload the folder as a Bundle.
  5. At this point, all 24, 36 or 48 frames should be uploaded. Click Drop Images.
  6. After uploading, click Publish.

Consider using our ORANGEMONKIE, INC photography products or accessories to further enhance your product images’ quality.

Download Foldio360 from ORANGEMONKIE, INC Today

At ORANGEMONKIE, INC, our priority is to help photography novices create eye-catching product images for their websites, allowing them to present high-quality visuals that depict their merchandise in the best possible light. Foldio360 software lets anyone take professional, 360-degree photographs without any complex HTML coding. Help grow your business by downloading Foldio360 today.