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Buy Portable Photo Booths and Accessories for Product Photography

At ORANGEMONKIE, INC, we’ve developed some of the best photo boxes on the market. Our products can be used by people with years of experience or little to none. We’ve designed our light boxes for anyone who wants to take photos for their e-commerce products, whether you’re selling on Etsy, Amazon or your own website.

Most Popular Items

We carry several photo box types and matching accessories you can use to take professional-grade product images. Listed below are some of our most popular products.

Foldio3 foldable product photo studio with halo bar lighting kit

Foldio3 + Halo Bars

25" photo studio with additional lighting

USD 159.00

Foldio3 with halo bar lighting kit, foldio360 and foldio360 extension kit. Full product photography studio set

Foldio3 Full set

25" photo studio and 360-degree photography kit

USD 359.00

Foldio2 Plus foldable product photo studio with front cover and lighting kit

Foldio2 Plus + Front Cover

15" photo studio with front side cover

USD 89.00

Portable Foldable Photo Studio Box

At ORANGEMONKIE, INC, we believe that photography is for everyone — that’s why we designed a product photography solution that anyone can use, regardless of skill level or training. Our portable studio boxes combine simplicity with innovation, enabling users to capture stunning, professional-grade product images that convey merchandise in the most positive light.


You can optimize your website with eye-catching product images using ORANGEMONKIE Foldio products and accessories. Our solutions take still product photography to the next level with a wealth of innovative components and features that make merchandise stand out.

Foldio Photo Studios

As the first company to create a foldable photo studio, ORANGEMONKIE, INC offers innovative lightboxes that go above and beyond the competition. Our revolutionary Foldio portable studio boxes are packed with advanced design features, including a powerful LED lighting system, interchangeable backdrops and flexible plastic construction optimized for seamless setup and disassembly.

Our selection of Foldio studios includes:

  • Foldio1: Our original portable studio measures 10-inches and features dual LED light strips and four easy-to-attach backdrops.
  • Foldio2 Plus: This 15-inch lightbox has a triple LED lighting system with an exclusive removable top cover designed for flat-lay shooting.
  • Foldio3: The new and improved Foldio3 stands at an impressive 25 inches with backdrops that users can attach and roll for easy installation.


You can produce next-level product photos with the click of a button using Foldio360 products from ORANGEMONKIE, INC. The Foldio360 turntable with Halo Edge light system allows users to capture 360-degree images with nothing more than a smartphone, lightbox and the Foldio360 app. You can shoot larger items with the Foldio360 Extension Kit as well, a spacious 20-inch turntable complete with a complimentary horizontal backdrop. We also offer the new Foldio 360 Smart Dome, which is designed to facilitate cutting-edge jewelry photography.

  • Foldio360 Turntable: This smooth revolving platform features a user-friendly design with built-in Bluetooth and infrared (IR) sensing technologies that make 360-degree product photography faster and easier than ever.
  • Foldio360 Smart DomeOur latest Foldio product has a dual-shell, dome-shaped construction designed for jewelry photography. This smart dome includes a motorized turntable, sliding door cover and necklace hanger.

Foldio Accessories

You can further enhance your portable foldable photo studio box with any of our user-friendly Foldio accessories. These components achieve everything from brighter lighting to shadow reduction to greater photo detail, providing solutions for any photography need.

We offer the following accessories:

Additional Photography Solutions

If you’re searching for even more ways to optimize your product photography, you’re in luck. At ORANGEMONKIE, INC, there are always more possibilities for improvement. Our additional photo solutions include:

  • Q Mic: Our Q Mic Video Kit comes with two tripods and three recording modes, including ASMR, directional and omni mode.
  • Tripods: We carry aluminum and carbon fiber tripods with many unique parts and features.
  • Spare parts: You can choose from a dozen supplemental components, such as cables, dimmers, adapters and LED strips.

Benefits of Using ORANGEMONKIE Foldio Studios and Accessories for Still Product Photography

Purchasing an ORANGEMONKIE Foldio studio means enjoying the many benefits of our state-of-the-art solutions, including:

  • Reduced costs: With our lightboxes and accessories, you can avoid spending thousands on expensive equipment or professional photoshoots.
  • Saved time: Because Foldio studios are simple and easy to use, you won’t have to spend large amounts of time learning to operate them, unlike intricate photography equipment that requires involved practice and training.
  • Boosted business: Uploading high-quality product photos to your website can help increase credibility, improve web traffic, maintain conversions and build revenue.

Why Purchase Portable Studio Boxes From ORANGEMONKIE, INC?

At ORANGEMONKIE, INC, we create photography products built to benefit any business, from e-commerce stores to small businesses. Our company is founded on creativity, innovation and simplicity, bringing customers high-quality photo solutions paired with all of the following perks:

  • Next-day shipping
  • Safe and secure checkout technology
  • Ongoing customer support
  • Free shipping in the U.S.
  • One-year limited warranty

Enhance Your Photography With Portable Foldable Photo Studio Boxes From ORANGEMONKIE, INC

You can generate sophisticated images for your website with foldable lightboxes from ORANGEMONKIE, INC. Our original still photography products are ideal for any industry or application.

Contact us by email or call 1-858-397-2105 to learn more about our products today!


The Foldio1 Mini Studio is the product that started the whole thing. We designed this light box to help sellers capture intriguing and crisp images of their products. Whether you’re using a smartphone or a handheld camera, the Foldio1 is an ideal place to display your products.

Your Foldio1 comes with the light box setup, LED lights, different color backgrounds and a carrying bag. It is an easy-to-assemble photo box because everything is magnetic. Since the studio folds, you can put it away and transport it with you wherever you go.

Foldio2 Plus

The second generation of our Foldio studio helps you showcase your products in the best possible way. The Foldio2 Plus is 15 inches and comes with a light box, backdrops, triple LED lighting system and a backdrop holder. Your Foldio2 studio has a detachable top cover you can remove for flat-lay shooting, making this a versatile choice.

Foldio3 Full Set

The Foldio3 is our biggest portable studio yet at 25 by 25 inches. You can take numerous images in various styles with the photo box, LED lights and color backgrounds. You can also purchase additional Halo bar lights or a turntable to enhance this product even more. Take this portable light studio wherever you need to capture just the right pictures for your product pages.

Foldio360 Smart Turntable

Grab the Foldio360 Smart Turntable to take pictures from any angle. Our turntable is smartphone interactive and has a Halo light system along the edge. Your customers will enjoy seeing your product from every angle because it gives them a better idea of using or having it in real life. Place your Foldio360 inside the Foldio photo box of your choosing and start snapping away.

Foldio360 Smart Dome

Take your images to a whole new level with our 12-inch Foldio360 Smart Dome studio. It has a turntable built into the system, covers you can use to minimize reflections and a color temperature customizer. If you’re taking pictures of smaller items or anything that can create a reflection, such as jewelry, the Foldio360 Smart Dome is for you.


At ORANGEMONKIE, INC, we saw a need for product photography solutions for everyone from the novice to the expert. We took the time to create our first Foldio studio model and ran with it as we developed more user-friendly tools, like our new light boxes, LED systems and turntable. 

Our goal is to help you save time and money while achieving top-notch shots for your website or e-commerce page. We are the first company to create a foldable photo studio for everyone. Browse our selection today to find innovative products.

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