What you need to know about 360 images

What You Need to Know About 360 Images

Have you ever come across an interactive 360 degree image before? Although the demand for these interactive photos are on the rise, they still are not as common as they should be. In this post, we are going take a look in detail of 360 degree images.

What’s special about 360 degree images?

360 degree images not only offer a more enjoyable experience to the customer, but they lead to higher conversion rates as well. It allows shoppers to preview the product as if they had it in their own hands and therefore increases the engagement of customers. We have seen 20% increase in sales for shops applying 360 degree product images.

In addition, studies have shown that the return rate for products shown with a 360 degree product image drops drastically. Since the customers are better informed about the product, they are less likely to be unhappy with their purchase.

How exactly are they created?

Creating a 360 degree image includes several painful and burdensome steps. The first one being, taking multiple angle shots of a single product from different angles. There are a lot of ways to do this but the easiest and most affordable way would be to use an automated turntable. 

Once you have these photos, you have to make sure that the photos color temperature and background lighting is consistent. This is because all of the photos have to have a very similar setting to give the impression of one single interactive image. In most cases, this means a lot of time and effort spent on photo editing software.

Why are they so uncommon?

This has a lot to do what what’s mentioned above. Although applying 360 degree images is great, many people think twice when they find out the costs related to the process. This is because most decent automated turntable setups costs around $5,000. Also the pain of having to edit all the separate photos with a photo editing software also makes online sellers think twice.


Another factor is that many popular online places do not open up 360 degree image viewing option for their sellers. However this kind of environment is changing as online marketplaces such as Amazon has let certain sellers display 360 degree images.

Foldio360 to save the day

Orangemonkie offers a simple and affordable solution to create 360 images easily and quickly. The Foldio360 is a smart turntable which connects with a smartphone or DSLR camera to create 360 images and videos. 

Not only this, but Orangemonkie also offers editing tools within the Foldio360 App to make editing easier. For more details, check below!