Halo-bar Kit (Adapter kit included)


Foldio’s Magnetic lighting accessory kit.
This kit can be used to any studio or any place.

2x Halo bars
1x Connecting cable
1x Dimming controller
1x International adapter kit

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This item: Halo-bar Kit (Adapter kit included)
1 × Foldio2 Plus

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What is the difference with the Halo bar kit and the Halo bar set?

Halo bar kit includes a dimming controller and the internaional adapter kit. It works without the Foldio2 Plus or Foldio3 power source those are required for the “Halo bar set”. With the Halo bar kit, you can use more Halo bars to your Foldio studio to create the brighter atmosphere. Or you can use this kit to other ways depending on your needs.

Product Information

Halo bar is magnetic lighting accessory for the Foldio3. Fix the Halo bar on the side or bottom magnet spots of Foldio3 or Foldio2 Plus to create more amazing photos using the Halo bars.

Halo bar Kit includes its own power adapter kit to make it available to work without Foldio3 or Foldio2 Plus. You can use this kit any studio or any place depending on your needs.
You can add more lights to your studio or create amazing photos using only the Halo bars.

Magnetic structure
Halo bar includes magnets to attach its body inside of Foldio3 or Foldio2 Plus. You can attach it to the magnetic spots of Foldio3 or Foldio2 Plus studio according to your needs.

Dimmable LED lighting system
The Halo bar brightness can be controlled on the main dimming controller of Foldio3.
Magnetic structure.
Dimmable LED system.
Including its own dimming controller and power adapter kit.
Halo bar x 2 units
Y cable
Dimming controller
International Power adapter kit

Halo bar lighting device

Size : 20 x 3 x 3 cm
Dimmable LED lighting system [0.6 W] , Daylight 5700k, white


Size : 1 M

International power adapter kit

Input : 100 – 240V, 50/60Hz
Output : 19.2V/0.78A

Any Foldio studio
Any place
Please refer to the “Instruction”  on the package for more information.

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