Foldio360 Extension Kit


19″(49cm) Extension Kit for the Foldio360 Smart Turntable

1x Extension Plate
(19″(49cm)Extension accessory for the Foldio360)
1x Reflector
(For DSLR mode)
1x Extension backdrop
(For the clean 360 product photos)

*Foldio360 Smart turntable is NOT included.

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This page is only for the Foldio360 Extension Kit. If you want to purchase the bundle items, please visit the following links.

Foldio3 + Halo bar lighting option set + Foldio360 Smart turntable
Foldio360 – 20″ Full Set

Product Information


Capture stunning 360° images of bigger products with Foldio360 Extension Kit and Foldio360 Smart turntable. The Foldio360 Extension Kit allows you to capture images of much larger objects – those that can’t be covered on the basic Foldio360 smart turntable.
Upgrade your Foldio360 smart turntable for an easier, more professional experience.

Capture larger objects
The Foldio360 Extension Kit quadruples the surface area of the Foldio360 turntable, giving you more possibilities than ever before for your product photography needs.

Compatible with Foldio3 and Foldio360
The Foldio360 Extension Kit is designed for use with the Foldio3 mini-studio and Foldio360 smart turntable.

More powerful with the Foldio3 Halo bar lighting accessory
Combined with the Halo Bar supplemental lighting system, the Foldio360 Extension studio is more powerful than ever before.

Reflector Plate for DSLR Pairing
The Foldio360 Extension Kit features a mirrored reflective plate, allowing you to pair the device with your DSLR camera for seamless automatic shooting.

Enhanced backdrop for Foldio3
We designed a horizontal magnetic backdrop specifically for use with the Foldio3 in order to create the perfect background and 360 experience. With the new backdrop, there’s no need to worry. The background will be perfectly clear and crisp.

High quality, waterproof plastic for durability
Sometimes getting the perfect image results in a bit of a mess. The Foldio360 XTN Kit is made of the highest quality plastic that’s made to last. Additionally, the high-quality, [insert material] mirrors ensure a perfect IR connection.

Compatible with Foldio360 smart turntable

Four times the surface area of Foldio360

Allows for automatic pairing and shooting for DSLR camera

Maximizing the background space
Foldio360 Extension Kit

Extension Plate
Extension Backdrop

Material : White color plastic
Size(Ext Plate) : 19.2″x 19.2″x 0.3″(49 x 49 x 8 cm)
Size(Backdrop) : 43.3″x 19.6″(110 x 50 cm)
Max. load : Up to 11lb(5kg)
Compatibility : Device only works with Foldio360 / Backdrop only works with Foldio3
Can be used inside of Foldio3 only.
Please refer to the “Instruction” in the package for more information before using the Foldio360 Extension Kit.

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